Valve Packing


FEATURES: Pure homogenous graphite bonded to a fiberglass carrier for strength and thermal stability. It has no added lubricants or binders to cook out or become brittle.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Rotating shafts where high shaft speeds and thermal conductivity are required. Atmospheric Pressures up to 4500 psi

SERVICE CONDITIONS:  Shaft speeds to 4000 FPM; temperatures to 850°F/454°C in oxidizing conditions; 1200°F/649°C in steam; pH range 0-14 except strong oxidizers.

EQUIPMENT: Pumps and valves, volatile organic chemical service.


API 607, 4th Edition Fire Test-Passed!  Fugitive Emission Test Less then 100PPM

CONSTRUCTION:  Multi-Lok Braid

REMARKS: For valve service Styles ML2001Z with zinc corrosion inhibitor and ML2001P with a passivating corrosion inhibitor are available.


FEATURES: Style ML 2254 PTFE fibers are treated with a PTFE dispersion which fills and seals all interstices in the packing fibers. After braiding, a PTFE coating is applied and the packing is forced air dried. This packing will not wick making it an excellent choice for valves, hatch seals and inspection port seals.
The PTFE construction makes it impervious to almost all chemicals and acids.

RECOMMENDED FOR: All severe chemical and corrosive services where an inert packing material is essential

SERVICE CONDITIONS: Temperatures to 500°F/260°C, pH range 0-14. For static applications

EQUIPMENT: Control valves, chemical processing valves, hatch seals, expansion joints, and static applications


REMARKS:  Excellent valve stem packing for all chemicals and corrosives; inert to all fluids except for molten alkali metals.


RECOMMENDED FOR:  Strong caustics, acids, chemicals and high pressure steam.

SERVICE CONDITIONS:  Temperatures to 1200°F/649°C in steam; 800°F/427°C in oxidizing atmospheres; pH range 0-14; not recommended for fuming nitric acid, oleum and fluorine.

EQUIPMENT:  All rotating and reciprocating shafts, valves and agi- tators.

FEATURES:  The highest quality chemically resistant graphite yarns are twisted together and braided in a Multi- Lok fashion. This packing has as extremely low coefficient of friction. The light weight yarn provides more feet of length per pound than standard non- asbestos or PTFE packings. Graphite is a heat conductor and dissipates heat in the stuffing box, permitting higher shaft speeds and less leakage than other packings.

CONSTRUCTION:  Multi-Lok Braid



RECOMMENDED FOR: Strong caustics, acids, chemicals and high pressure steam.

SERVICE CONDITIONS:  Not recommended for oleum, fuming nitric acid and fluorine; temperatures to 6000°F/3316°C in non-oxidizing agents, 1200°F/649°C in steam; 800°F/427°C in oxidizers. CAN BE NUCLEAR CERTIFIED

EQUIPMENT:  Valves (end rings only with flexible graphite center rings), high speed shafts, agitator shafts,reciprocating rods and plunger rods where minimum leakage is required under severe service conditions.

FEATURES:  Manufactured from pure graphite yarns impregnated with a fine sub micron powder of inorganic graphite. A surface lubricant is applied to prevent wicking and to provide a bearing film between the shaft and the packing material.

CONSTRUCTION:  Multi-Lok Braid


In some applications, its high thermal conductivity and lubricity allow  ML560 to operate without flush water. This packing is excellent in pumping slurries where the packing experiences premature failure. ML560 is recommended for high speed rotary pumps and slurry service. Pumps and agitators in Pulp and Paper, mining, and other process industries.


RECOMMENDED FOR:  Excellent for high-pressure steam applications and where fugitive emissions are a concern

SERVICE CONDITIONS:  pH range 0-14; 1250°F/677°C in steam and pressures to 5000 psi.


FEATURES:  This is ultra high purity flexible graphite packing has no resins or binders to bake out. Each strand of yarn is covered with a shield of Inconel wire.

CONSTRUCTION:  Multi-Lok Braid

REMARKS:  Available in 5 and 10 pound bulk spools, die formed rings, Spiral Pak 3/16 to 1 inch standard


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